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Fashion Fades Denim Stays


Baykan Denim is one of the global leading denim manufacturers, established in 1998. Our Company produces designs that represent the inspirational interests and lifestyles of people on every continent for the brands.

We strongly believe in the significance of innovation, sustainability and social compliance. These fundamental criteria are crafted into each product.

Imagination fuels the creativity of our designers and washing experts. We encourage them to be free on focusing product design and innovation. Concerning fashion trend follow up; our designers, washing R&D, fabric procurement and sales teams visit key markets, fairs and shows all around the world. They got inspired and transform their inspiration into our business. With the collaboration of our creative designers, rapid prototyping in our sample house and our sales force, we develop 5,000 unique styles each year for our customers.

Our extensive network for global sourcing and procurement empowers us to produce competitive, qualified and value-added products on time. We provide flexible short lead-time services with regular production (5-6 weeks) and super-fast production (3-4 weeks) for our customers to drive their success on a higher level.

Each step of our production is carefully observed to assure the required standards of craftsmanship, quality and reliability. We take action to do the right thing and hold responsibility for our decisions, operations and products in the best interest of our customers.

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Today, from designing vintage styles to the development of new innovative products, we are proud to be known as a producer for the most prestigious brands in the denim market.

We are the best creative choice of garment manufacturing in Turkey


  • Committed value-added service with experienced team in design and production
  • Oversee the market demands, follow the trends and translate this knowledge to our customer’s business
  • Share the experience and market knowhow to fulfill the specific needs in collections
  • Source the best fabrics and trims to design right products that are also optimized on price and quality
  • Lead-time performance in flexible manufacturing systems
  • Embrace our duty to raise the bar for sustainable fashion industry.



  • Sales & Marketing
  • Production Planning
  • Fabric and Accessorize Procurement
  • Design and Washing R&D
  • Sampling
  • Human Resources & CSR
  • Administration and Finance


  • 60,000m² closed production area equipped with latest high technology machineries.
  • Fabric warehouse.
  • Test laboratories.
  • Production (Sampling, Cutting, Sewing, Washing)
  • Finishing & Packaging
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We Care

l1                   l2                   l3sustainibility

We believe that people should see the environment as their own home, and the environmental problems as their own problems instead of focusing on their individual needs. We always consider our environmentally-oriented ethical values without compromising the principles of “Respect” and “Responsibility”. We adopt these principles as our duty and see it as a debt to leave a healthy and livable world to future generations.

We are aware that our responsibility is not limited with our own field of activity. For this reason, we know that our entire supply chain and our stakeholders should be aligned with similar perspectives and responsibilities. We commit these responsibilities with below policy.




Our Best Stories

  • 19.12.2016

    We are proud to announce that Baykanlar Tekstil has become the Nordic Swan Ecolabel awarded First Denim Apparel Supplier in the World

    The Nordic Swan Ecolabel is the official Ecolabel of the Nordic countries, non-profit and an impactful tool that helps consumers to pick out environmentally friendly products. The Nordic Swan Ecolabel was established in 1989 by the Nordic Council of Ministers with the purpose of providing…


  • 12.10.2016

    Best of both worlds

    Somewhere between the speedy produc-tion of the Far East and the artisanship Italy promotes, lies the prospering Turkish denim industry. As fast as Bangladesh due to its high capacities, the most Eastern spot of Europe boasts highly technological facilities and skilled teams as well as…


  • 20.09.2016

    The Game Changer

    While brands are evolving into retailers, producers are branching out into design. With these new developments in mind, 1 met up with Orhan Baykan. general manager of Baykanlar Textile, because if anyone has something to say on the topic it’s him. As a clothing manufacturer…


  • 29.04.2016

    Baykanlar Proud to Announce…

    Denim World is growing every day and to give better service to our dearest customers we are so proud to announce that we decided to open a new office in Barcelona. We would like to invite you to our Grand Opening on 18th of May…


  • 18.12.2015

    Denim Premier Vision

    Denim Premiere Vision is one of the most important denim event in the fashion calender. Each season thousands of people from denim industry attent this fair to discover the latest denim trends, innovations, fabric researches and to meet with manufacturers. Definetely, it is an amazing…


  • 16.09.2015


    The word selvedge comes from ”self-edge”. The edge of the denim has a clean finish. A pair of jeans made from selvedge denim can easily be identified simply by looking at the inside of the outseam. There are variant spelling of the term; Selvedge or…


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P: +90 212 876 21 21
F: +90 212 876 21 20


Adress : Osmaniye Mh. E-5 Çırpıcı Yan Yol Cd. No:1-3
Bakırköy, İSTANBUL / Turkey
P: +90 212 876 21 21


Adress : 2. Organize Sanayi Bölgesi. 9. Cd. No:16 44100
Merkez, MALATYA / Turkey
P: +90 422 615 34 38

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