Energy Policy

Pollution, energy costs, and waste generation have been the most serious issues in the last century. As industrialization progresses, the accumulation of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere causes global warming and the climate crisis. Projects for more efficient energy use can reduce not only energy costs but also environmental damage.

As BAYKAN DENIM, in line with the organization’s strategy;
1.Meeting the criteria of the Energy Management System by establishing appropriate targets.
2.Presenting all data and sources required to achieve goals.
3.To comply with all applicable internal and external regulatory requirements for energy efficiency, energy use, and energy consumption.
4.Focusing on continuous improvement without sacrificing quality.
5.Considering energy efficiency when purchasing goods and services.
6.Contributing the energy efficiency designs.
7.Applying a sustainable policy by taking preventive actions on greenhouse gases and global warming.
8.Ensuring all employees takes energy efficiency training.
9.Reducing waste and pollution.
10.Reducing water consumption.
11.Conducting all commitments with our ”Energy Team”.
12.We will comply with national and international legal regulations and customer requirements.