We are proud to announce that Baykanlar Tekstil has become the Nordic Swan Ecolabel awarded First Denim Apparel Supplier in the World

The Nordic Swan Ecolabel is the official Ecolabel of the Nordic countries, non-profit and an impactful tool that helps consumers to pick out environmentally friendly products.

The Nordic Swan Ecolabel was established in 1989 by the Nordic Council of Ministers with the purpose of providing an environmental labelling scheme that would contribute to a sustainable consumption. Nordic Ecolabelled apparels are compliance with series of environmental, health and quality requirements including social condition of workers. The chemicals used during production are controlled by the criterias that contain limited values and restricted substances that are harmful to human health and ecological life. Also the limits force the supplier to use sustainable processes and best available technologies thus the supplier reduces usage of natural sources.

Baykanlar Tekstil achived to meet all the strict criterias of Nordic Swan Ecolabel especially in denim sector with our intensive and coordinated work of almost our all departments and entitled to recieve Nordic Swan Ecolabel Licence.

Best of both worlds

Somewhere between the speedy produc-tion of the Far East and the artisanship Italy promotes, lies the prospering Turkish denim industry. As fast as Bangladesh due to its high capacities, the most Eastern spot of Europe boasts highly technological facilities and skilled teams as well as a genuine passion for denim. Leading Turkish denim producers got together with JNC magazine to discuss their vision of the global denim market and the urge to work together and demonstrate that the future of denim may well be in Turkey.

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The Game Changer

While brands are evolving into retailers, producers are branching out into design. With these new developments in mind,
1 met up with Orhan Baykan. general manager of Baykanlar Textile, because if anyone has something to say on the topic it’s him. As a clothing manufacturer he develops 5000 styles a year with a design team of 35. How and why? Because he can streamline the process – from the drawing board to the finished product -to a mere five weeks in total. Perhaps also because Baykanlar operates internatio­nally and knows the international trends. An insight into what happens when the supply chain is turned on its head… Read More…

Baykanlar Proud to Announce…

Denim World is growing every day and to give better service to our dearest customers we are so proud to announce that we decided to open a new office in Barcelona.
We would like to invite you to our Grand Opening on 18th of May in Barcelona.

Celebrate our expansion with us

Fashion Fades Denim Stays

Denim Premier Vision

Denim Premiere Vision is one of the most important denim event in the fashion calender. Each season thousands of people from denim industry attent this fair to discover the latest denim trends, innovations, fabric researches and to meet with manufacturers. Definetely, it is an amazing meeting point for denim society .

It took place on 18-19th November 2015, in Fira Montjuic, Barcelona. The concept of the season was Mansion Of Denim. We , as Baykanlar attanted as an exhibitor for the first time. It was a tremendous experience for us to be involved with all denim lovers . We had the oppurtunity to meet the leaders of the denim industry and also spend great time with existing customers.
We presented our latest collection at the fair which consists of 5 new concepts. Read More…


The word selvedge comes from ”self-edge”. The edge of the denim has a clean finish.

A pair of jeans made from selvedge denim can easily be identified simply by looking at the inside of the outseam.

There are variant spelling of the term; Selvedge or selvage both are grammatically correct. The brand prefers
using the former in its product titles and description because of, its direct reference to the root word ‘edge

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1920s fringed and western style is back. This season, everything is decorated with the fringe, from shoes to dresses. Either western or rebellious…

You will absolutely find out the fringe that fits your own style. If you think that western creations are romantic, you are totally wrong.

You can even reflect the rebellious western style by combining fringed westcoats or jackets with denim shorts. Read More…


The denim effect comes out as the fabulous colour indigo penetrates into the fabric.
The indigo that has the special feature as overdye & deep colouring, obtains the denim effect with special machines.
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Have you ever think about why we are addicted to the knee cuts?

Knee ripped jeans are the most polished and sophisticated version of the ripped jeans.  We simply like the way they look with a bit of knee exposed – skin out there, espeacially when styled with something more polished such as stiletto heels and blazer. How to wear them ? There is nothing much to say. They go with everything. You can wear them all the day with converse or stiletto with tshirt or a silk top.. They are best outfit ever.

The correct question here is , do ripped knees look better on skinny jeans or boyfriend jeans? It is up to you.. Wear boyfriend jeans with knee cuts at the weekends. Wear Skinny jeans with knee cuts in the evening 🙂

   We like them both actually. We hearth knee cuts. Read More…

The Culottes

Spring Pants Trend 

Last year when the culottes come banging in as the pants of the season, no one considered them as a trend.

Culottes are one of the most chaotic piece in our wardrobes. Not pants, nor shorts , or skirts, not too long , not too short. IT may seem like a tricky pant style, because it is all about proportion, and finding the right pair. 

Heels will make culottes look smarter and posh. Flats can look very French chic. Chunky heels are perfect for 70’s look.

Here’s some images to do it.

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