The word selvedge comes from ”self-edge”. The edge of the denim has a clean finish.

A pair of jeans made from selvedge denim can easily be identified simply by looking at the inside of the outseam.

There are variant spelling of the term; Selvedge or selvage both are grammatically correct. The brand prefers
using the former in its product titles and description because of, its direct reference to the root word ‘edge


Selvedge denim is not to be confused with raw denim. Raw denim is stiff, unwashed denim.
All denim, selvedge or non-selvedge, is raw when it comes out of the loom. Once it is washed, it is no longer raw.
Selvedge denim is desirable because of its premium construction. You can see it when you cuff the jeans. Combination of stretch and selvedge denim is the newest trend.
We aim you to feel unique .our jeans loves your curves and at the same time gives you the perfect look of the selvedge.


We produce selvedge denim, We share some of out favorite Baykanlar selvedge denim, many produced By Baykanlar,
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