Best of both worlds

Somewhere between the speedy produc-tion of the Far East and the artisanship Italy promotes, lies the prospering Turkish denim industry. As fast as Bangladesh due to its high capacities, the most Eastern spot of Europe boasts highly technological facilities and skilled teams as well as a genuine passion for denim. Leading Turkish denim producers got together with JNC magazine to discuss their vision of the global denim market and the urge to work together and demonstrate that the future of denim may well be in Turkey.

JNC: What is the overall image of Turkey as textile pro-ducing country today?
Orhan Baykan: Turkey has a good name in the manu-facturing sector. From the fabric to accessories and ap-parel we are a comprehensive industry. working at a fast pace and at a high quality. And we work to tight schedules to provide for the market. We might not be a big name yet, but we are a good brand.

JNC: Do you have to struggle with excess capacities or is it even an advantage? If so, what’s your strategy to handle this?
Orhan Baykan: I do think that Made in Turkey is beginning to replace the Made in Italy tag. our customers confirm that. But often customers assume that the tag only describes the place of manufacture.


JNC: How did the consumer markets change in your opinion?
Orhan Baykan: Also the customers portfolio has changed. People are less willing to pay so much for one pair of jeans and wear them for three years. They want to wear something different each season. That’s a reflection of changing culture in Europe. They just want to own things at a lower price and keep buying new things. That’s why the brands have to make a decision and move either higher up or lower down the pyramid.

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