Information Security Policy

Management of BAYKAN DENIM;

is responsible for implementation of BAYKAN DENIM Information Security Policy, and effective management of Information Security Management System (ISMS), and adopts ISMS as one of the critical corporate processes, supports improvement of ISMS through effective implementation, continuous monitoring and review, and warrants that any and all sources and environment, necessary for creation of the projected results by ISMS, shall be provided, and

monitors ISMS regularly to determine whether the projected results have been achieved, and to enhance continuously, and warrants that in case of detection of any imperfect or new weak points in implementation of ISMS, it shall perform any and all necessary corrections and improvements, and

recognizes the importance of human factor for information security approach, and therefore supports provision of any and all necessary trainings to raise the awareness of its employees and increase the level of their technical competence, and carries out any and all necessary activities to ensure that all its employees are informed of BAYKAN DENIM Information Security Policy, and that they act in accordance therewith, and also warrants that disciplinary actions shall be initiated if human-driven threats occur in spite of all awareness-raising activities on information security.

BAYKAN DENIM Information Security Policy reflects the point of view as adopted by the Management of BAYKAN DENIM for information security.

Chairman of the Board of Directors of BAYKAN DENIM



Information Security Policy

BAYKAN DENIM information security policy is in place:

  • To ensure confidentiality and integrity of any and all information of BAYKAN DENIM and its customers,
  • To provide for the infrastructure necessary to guarantee the continuity of the services by BAYKAN DENIM,
  • To take any and all physical and logical security measures in line with the value of all information held,
  • To grant rights to access in accordance with the “need-to-know” principle, and to prevent any unauthorized access to control any and all accesses to information,
  • To protect the information assets from any malicious code such as viruses, as well as any external cyber-attack,
  • To improve the information security management system continuously,
  • To provide information security trainings to employees, and to raise the level of awareness on information security,
  • To comply with the applicable statutory laws, by-laws and related regulations,
  • To ensure that the stakeholders comply with BAYKAN DENIM Information Security Policies,


All employees shall be obliged to comply with all BAYKAN DENIM ISMS policies and procedures.